The Power of Customized Reports

Infor EAM comes with hundreds of reports, out of the box.  They cover the vast capabilities of Infor EAM and are designed to provide the majority of information that you will need to see from your EAM environment. 


However, since EAM is highly complex, configurable and flexible, there will be scenarios that the regular canned reports simply cannot cover.  Advanced Reporting provides a means to create custom reports that suit your needs and your environment. 

Infor EAM Advanced Reporting uses the Cognos BI Enterprise Reporting platform.  Cognos is a pixel perfect, highly featured reporting environment that will allow you to create any kind of report or dashboard that you can dream of.  From simple lists or charts to highly complex, multi-page dashboards, Cognos can make it happen. 


Cognos supports HTML/web, PDF, Excel, and even text formats.  Parameterized Drill Down is available, allowing a summary dashboard to support clicking a value and drilling down into the detailed data that supports the dashboard's summary value. It can also support automatically scheduled and burst reports, automating and simplifying reporting needs.

DigitalThinker has deep expertise in building and customizing Advanced Reports, having built or modified thousands of reports.  We have experts in Cognos, report design and performance that can ensure that we build the right report to meet your needs.  If your EAM instance has the data, we can provide a high quality report that will drive cognition and action from your team.

Here are a few examples of highly successful reports that we have created:

  • Maintenance Dashboards providing multiple operational KPIs, color coded to clearly show performance

  • Customized versions of the standard reports, such as Print Work Order or Purchase Order

  • PO Approval Cycle time

  • Inventory value, classification, or restock

  • Work Order Activity showing summaries of new, closed, and changed work orders

  • Equipment Costs and Hierarchy

  • User licensing comparison to contract limits

  • Barcode and Labels

Still curious about all that Advanced Reporting could do for you? Check out Infor's brochure on Advanced Reporting here.

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