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Infor EAM is a highly customizable and extensible software product that can be configured for your environment. 


However, no matter how good the software is, it can never completely match your specific processes and users.  Custom application development can bridge that gap. 


DigitalThinker can develop custom software to enhance and extend the EAM experience, turning a good solution into a great solution that exactly fits your needs. 

A custom solution can be tightly integrated with EAM, such as a complex solution combining user-defined screens, flex, and grids or an Extensibility Framework script.  Extensibility Framework allows a web developer to modify the EAM web browser based on screen experience for the end user.  Some examples of EF capabilities that we have already implemented are:

  • Dynamically changing the Required/Optional/Hidden rules for fields on the fly based on values in other fields.

  • Creating custom lookup or filtering lookup values based on other field values on screen, prior to saving the record.

  • Add a secondary currency to the PO and requisition screens to provide on the fly currency conversions to a standard currency for POs generated in a different currency.

  • Add right-click context menus to existing grids that provide options to get more detailed information.  For example, displaying work order comments or task plans on any grid that shows work orders.  This can be very helpful when scheduling or when reviewing the history of an asset’s maintenance.

Custom solutions can also be more loosely coupled to EAM.  In these cases, complete stand-alone applications are built which will interface with EAM, but provide separate functionality. 


These applications help to integrate the EAM experience into your organization’s processes in a seamless way.  Some examples of custom solutions that are currently in development are:

  • A self-checkout store room application that can provide a user friendly experience in checking out parts to work orders through a handheld barcode scanner.

  • An automated quote process where vendors can review a quote online and submit pricing automatically, feeding back into EAM and eliminating error prone manual entry.

  • A website solution to support Requisition or Purchase Order approvals that automatically updates EAM, reducing the need for user licenses for users that only need to review and approve.

Lastly, custom development does not have to be tied into EAM at all. 


DigitalThinker’s application development expertise can be applied to any business process.  If you have a need that cannot be solved by off the shelf software, we can build a solution. 


We have experience in writing web, mobile, and desktop applications and can apply that expertise to turn your challenges into opportunities for improvement.

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