Customer Name: Canfor Southern Pine

Industry: Lumber Manufacturing


# of Active Equipment Records: 5,873

Products: Infor EAM Enterprise Edition

Product Add-ons: Infor Webservices Toolkit

The Challenge: Integrating purchasing to and from Infor EAM to JD Edwards

The Solution: Webservices Connection Toolkit

The Result/Benefits: The AP Department is able to continue using JD Edwards for purchasing/tracking financials while sites using EAM are able to use the Purchasing Module and not have to double enter data into 2 different systems.


The Specifics: To integrate the 2 applications, there are 3 custom grids (GL Custom Grid, PO Receipts for Parts, PO Receipts for Services) that are built and used to push purchasing information and inventory transactions from EAM to JDE. All Suppliers are in the common (*) org and the supplier codes mirror JDE. Units of Measure were also updated so they matched the UOMs that JDE allowed.

Customer Name: Omni Baking Company

Industry: Food and Beverage: Baking

# of Active Equipment Records: 1,711

Products: Infor EAM Enterprise Edition

The Challenge: Attaching Food Safety Check sheet to Work Orders in Mobile App

The Solution: Flex Business Rules

The Result/Benefits: When a Work Order is created/generated in EAM a checklist will be attached with the Food Safety items (required for all work in food production area)

The Specifics: After going paperless with EAM and using the Infor Mobile for Manufacture App, we needed a way to attach a Food Safety Checklist to all Work Orders. This checklist is a required document that should be completed by maintenance on every work order they work on. This is a regulatory requirement for food production.

The solution was to use a Flex Business Rule set on Post Insert to insert an Activity (Sequence 5 so it is always the first activity) on ever Work Order created or released in EAM. The Activity has a Task Plan with a checklist. We took the paper sheet that was being used and converted it into a checklist using YES/NO questions and Checklist Items that are required to complete the Work Order. The result is the Food Safety Checklist being a required checklist on every WO in EAM. Maintenance uses tablets to complete the checklist and close the work order.


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