DigitalThinker has expertise in both the functional and technical sides of Infor EAM.  Technical consulting implements the EAM software and customizes it with programming beyond the standard configuration options to fit your needs.  Technical enhancements can turn a good EAM platform into a well-tuned environment aligned exactly to your people and processes.  This ensures maximum value in your EAM investment.

Installation and Upgrade

For On-Premises customers, we provide EAM Installation and Upgrade services.  If you provide the servers, network access and license keys, we will perform the installation according to best practice and have the EAM environment up and running quickly.  If you have an existing installation, we can get you upgraded to the latest version smoothly.  We perform these services regularly and have compiled best practices, tips, and watch-lists to ensure the best process to get the job done efficiently and effectively.


Infor EAM should not be an island.  It should be connected to your other processes, software, and assets in order to maximize its effectiveness.  We are experts in implementing integrations through Databridge, Web Services, or ION.  We have successfully integrated EAM with several financial and ERP systems, including:

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Sage, Great Plains, SAP, Macola, Ross.


Infor Intelligent Open Network (ION) is the tool of choice for EAM integrations, and is a part of Infor OS.  We have experience building out Infor Data Flows and Workflows using Business Object Documents (BODs) and can help you integrate with other systems.


Please see this brochure for ION from Infor to better understand its capabilities.  


Analytics encompasses Reporting, KPIs, and Inboxes.  It represents the ability to turn the data in Infor EAM into actionable information from which users can make decisions and take action.  DigitalThinker implements hundreds of reports every year, along with a multitude of KPIs and inboxes.  We have experts in Cognos Advanced Reporting available to develop or modify any report.  We also have SQL and Oracle experts and can write queries to support KPIs and inboxes.


Please see this Infor EAM Advanced Reporting page to better understand the Advanced Reporting capabilities available.  The Custom Dashboards page provides an overview of the KPI and Inbox capabilities.


We will also soon be offering report suites - bundles of reports that represent best practice reporting based on our many years of experience in EAM. 


Some requirements can not be met through Configuration or Customization and require that we extend the EAM environment.  This means that we will be adding our own custom code that will execute within EAM.  This is a very powerful feature that allows you to tailor EAM to your specific needs. 


Flex Business Rules are the primary extension that is typically used.  SQL is implemented within the platform to evaluate data and apply business rules.  DigitalThinker has written hundreds of Flex statements, many of which are highly complex.  From dynamically routing POs for multiple levels of approval to requiring labor and comments before closing a work order, we can implement your custom logic.


DigitalThinker also has experience writing Mobile Flex.  Though Mobile Flex has the same purpose as standard flex, the implementation is very different.  Mobile Flex executes in a different database engine that is dramatically scaled down from the main database, and therefore the approach to Mobile Flex is different. 


Extensibility Framework  or EF can be used to change the behavior of screens for end users.  DigitalThinker has built many EF scripts to better align a screens flow and capabilities to an organizations business process.  EF requires deep knowledge of JavaScript and web development technologies and is generally best left to developers.


Please see the Application Development page for some additional information on Extending your EAM platform.

Technical Training

Lastly, DigitalThinker can provide training on any of these technical topics.  Allow us to train up your staff in the specifics and best practices so that you can enhance your environment independently.

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