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In 2006 Infor acquired Datastream Systems, Inc. from Greenville, South Carolina. Datastreams primary software products were MP2 CMMS and D7i. Infor continued to improve D7i and renamed it to Infor EAM.

Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is the best-in-class asset management software that helps you digitize and optimize your maintenance operations to reach new levels of efficiency. EAM is a purpose-built asset management software that is ready to scale and transform your company.


Infor EAM is a web-based software written in HTML 5. The application may be accessed from any browser having access to the internet or intranet, if on-premise. Additionally, the mobile applications support online or offline functionality, ensuring access to critical data and the ability to make updates, regardless of network status or location. Infor EAM can utilize SQL Server or Oracle database when purchased for on-premise. Only Oracle is available when purchased as SaaS (cloud-based).


The Advanced Reporting module ensures that you can create any report that is required based on the data collected within Infor EAM. The module is based on an enterprise reporting system which is highly configurable, supporting pixel perfect reports, multiple formats, scheduling and bursting.


Infor EAM is multi-organizational, meaning that all business units can have their own organization (space) in the application, and they can operate completely independent of other organizations. Alternatively, information can be shared across organizations, such as spare part inventories, departments, and suppliers.


This software product is highly configurable and extensible, allowing for additional functionality and integrations to build upon the initial value. For example, integrations can be created to existing software suites already in use, or Purchase Requisition or Purchase Order data can be integrated with a financial system. 


Additionally, Infor EAM supports the implementation of custom business rules within the software. This ensures that the software can properly support your business process.


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