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With Infor EAM Software from DigitalThinker, you will be connected to a new set of opportunities within your organization. As a result, your company can reach new goals, your revenue will reach new heights, and production, as well as sales, will accelerate. 

The Beginning of Infor EAM

DigitalThinkers’ choice for asset management software is Infor EAM. The software was developed in Holland in the 90s and the company that developed it was bought by Datastream in late 1990. Back then Datastream called it MP5, it was only available in Oracle and it used Oracle forms for the user interface. Datastream developers went to work and created what was called EWS or Extended Web Services that was later named D7i. This was the beginning of making the software web-based. Datastream also developed a SQL Server version of the software.


In 2006 Infor bought Datastream and went to work improving it. The head of development for the software stayed with Infor and is still with them today. They renamed it to EAM, and they continued adding features and making improvements. One of the biggest improvements was coding the user interface with HTML 5 making the software accessible with any browser. The creation of a Mobile Platform for use on an iPad and Android were huge leaps for the product.

DigitalThinker is an Infor EAM Channel Partner. 

DigitalThinker was formed in 2003 by Tony Bolan who originally worked for Datastream. With now over 15 years of experience with this revolutionary software, his company has become one of the most preferred channel partners in the industry today. DigitalThinker is known for building long lasting customer relationships and is trusted by some of the most well known and successful companies throughout the United States. 

What does EAM mean?

Enterprise asset management (EAM) is the process of managing the lifecycle of physical assets to maximize their use; save money; improve quality and efficiency; and safeguard health, safety and the environment. It's used to prepare, enhance, implement, and monitor the necessary maintenance tasks with the applicable priorities, skills, materials, tools, and information specific to each organization. This encompasses the design, construction, commissioning, operations, maintenance and decommissioning or replacement of plant, equipment and facilities. EAM helps to ensure that your physical assets are maintained properly and efficiently.

What does it do?

As a web-based platform, Enterprise Asset Management software handles every aspect of running an asset-intensive organization, with the benefit of available cloud-based technology. It allows companies to shift their maintenance operations from reactive to proactive, saving money and reducing downtime. EAM's feature-rich platform has true customization abilities.  

What are its features?

  • Complete asset life-cycle management

  • Flexible preventive maintenance scheduling

  • Inventory and purchasing control

  • Work order management and tracking

  • Records management

  • Complete warranty management

  • Integrated mobile application options

  • Customized dashboards and KPIs for each user

  • Regulatory compliance management

Infor EAM helps prevent problems before they occur. 


As a result, companies can expect to see the changes EAM brings where it matters—in the budget. The statistical data and real-time performance data displays allow you to make informed decisions about future planning, which results in everything you'll be able to manage, listed below.

Asset Life Cycles

Keep data and documentation for all of your assets so it's there when you really need it—regardless of where you are in the asset's lifecycle. 

MRO Materials

Get full oversight on procurement and inventory management at your facility. Control costs by understanding the demand for parts and manage them accordingly.


Secure electronic records and store all historical data for each asset for compliance regulations. Easily access maintenance records or asset related data in case of an audit. 

Work Orders

Quickly assign specific technicians to a job. Schedule and organize work orders for employees and contractors while keeping track of the progress.


Manage assessment, training, and certifications for technicians responsible for maintenance management. Always know who is the most qualified to perform specific tasks.

Budget & Cost

Gather cost data from work orders. Integrate with finance software to manage accounting. Use historical cost data to plan future budgets and run reports to see where you can save.

What are some of its benefits?


EAM is unique in that you won't grow out of it—it grows with you! This purposefully-designed software is prepared to calibrate to the specific needs of your company and therefore transform with you.


Transitioning to EAM Software has helped thousands of companies save money and improve their maintenance operations. Here are some of the most common benefits companies reported after implementing EAM to their organization:


  • Decreased downtime and breakdowns

  • Increased asset life-cycles

  • Lower facility management cost

  • Improved asset performance

  • Better predictive and preventative maintenance structure

  • Reduction in overall maintenance costs

  • Higher production rate

  • Reduced unscheduled downtime

  • Fewer technician callbacks

  • Better management of inventory

  • Improved employee performance

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