Practically anyone who ever used MP2 Computerized Maintenance Management software loved it. It’s easy to use, easy to install, easy to configure and it can handle barcoding. It’s not available in the cloud, and it requires installation onto a server with client installs.


MP2 has everything you need to manage maintenance operations. There are two flavors, Professional and Enterprise. The Professional version contains the bare bones basics while the Enterprise version is more robust.


MP2 Basics consist of the following:


  • Asset Management

    • Locations, Buildings, Lines, Systems, Rolling Stock, Departments, Etc.

    • Downtime and Cost of Maintenance

    • Failure and Efficiency Reporting

    • Straight Line Depreciation

  • Work Management

    • Work Requests

    • Work Orders

    • Tasks

    • Task Instructions

    • Preventive Maintenance Schedules

  • Materials Management

    • Multiple Storage Locations

    • Minimum/Maximum re-order from low stock

    • Inventory Costing (Weighted- Average, LIFO or FIFO)

    • Multiple Suppliers per item

  • Purchasing Management

    • Adding and Associating Items and Services to Reqs and POs

    • Update Pricing and Lead times

    • Contract Discounts per Order and/or per line item

    • Multi-currency by PO Line

    • Option to Update Price at Receipt



In the early 2000s, Datastream announced that they were going to do away with MP2 and stopped any further development or enhancements. Current estimates indicate there are 7,000 companies currently using MP2. DigitalThinker sells more additional MP2 seats for existing customers rather than new MP2 accounts.

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