Here at DigitalThinker, we have a wealth of knowledge through combined experience and have seen so much related to Infor EAM. We know where it's been, where it is now and where it is hopefully going.


The thing we enjoy the most about the business is building strong relationships with our customers. That focus enables us to be able to effectively solve their problems by providing them with the Infor EAM solution that works best for them.

DigitalThinker adapts and delivers according to your specific needs. 


By helping customers select what Infor EAM software components they need to run their business, we train, configure, migrate, implement and ultimately...


We get results.


Not all customers are alike nor do they all have the same problems, but our approach is always the same. We listen.


Since Infor EAM is the most configurable product of its kind on the market, plenty can go wrong or get overlooked during the implementation if you choose a team that doesn't have a clear plan in place to ensure that no stone is unturned during your unique implementation.


The typical Infor EAM implementation looks like this*:



Implementation Phase 1

01/ Install Software

Typical product installations require a full 40 hours. The installation can be performed remotely, and the normal lead time for installation by Infor hosting is approximately 1 week.

02/ Core Team Training

Core Team training requires classroom hands-on training in an EAM Environment. Maximum class size is 8 users and can be done at the client site or the DigitalThinker Office Training lab.


03/ Business Process Overview

The business process review is used to determine the EAM configuration as far as user groups, menus, screen permissions, job type authorizations and status authorizations.

Implementation Phase 2

04/ EAM Configuration | Development Environment

Set installation parameters, build user groups, setup system codes, build inboxes, KPIs and charts.

05/ Data Prep & Migration

Extract data from source and map to EAM tables and columns for upload into EAM.

06/ Load Data | Development



Data uploaded into EAM via Infor provided Upload Utility Tool. Data includes equipment, parts, employees, users and supporting records.

Implementation Phase 3

07/ Pilot Testing | Development Environment

08/ Modify Configuration | Development Environment

09/ Copy Development Environment to Training Environment

Implementation Phase 4


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Final Implementation Phase


*Although the typical EAM implementation lasts for around 10 weeks, every customer is different, and we make a unique plan for every customer based on their specific needs and requests.


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