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It's easy for us to say that our customers are glad they chose DigitalThinker, but hearing it straight from them proves it. DigitalThinker takes pride in building customer relationships and it is our mission to be the best at what we do.


Take a look at what our clients think about DigitalThinker. 

Nucor Steel | Darlington, SC

Earl Jackson - Maintenance Manager

"When asked to talk about success with DigitalThinker, the first thing that comes to mind is relationship. I build everything I do with any supplier, contractor, consultant etc. around the ability to develop a working relationship. That is always first. Without that you are constantly working to manage what you are paying someone else to do. With DigitalThinker that has never been an issue which is what I contribute to be our major success at Nucor Darlington. The ability to be as one. From the beginning and 10 plus years later they still know what we want, what we need, and how to produce it if we are right or correct us and still get us what we need if not so right. Today we continue to keep our Team armed with the latest Technology and Training available from ERP and Level 2 Integration to Mobile Applications and we count on DigitalThinker to help get and keep us there."

SELEE Corporation | Hendersonville, NC

Shawn Hawkins - Automation Technician

"Since our deployment of Infor EAM 3 years ago, we have produced a lot of data that most canned reports just don’t have enough or the correct information on them. After finding Digital Thinker, they really gave me the tools and the understanding on how to navigate and produce reports in Cognos. Stanton Bost, Instructor for Digital Thinker, gave an excellent training session to better understand how to produce reports in Cognos. Not knowing how to use it, he gave me a lot of knowledge and the confidence I needed to create my own reports. After showing management the information that I learned they stated that it was the best money spent since we have used EAM. Thanks again for a great learning experience and I am looking forward to future training events."

  Bentley University | Waltham, Massachusetts

Tom Kane- Director of Facilities Management

"With Infor EAM, we have over 5,000 pieces of equipment with preventive maintenance orders written to each one, and we’ve reduced our reactive maintenance call-ins from 30 to 40 a year to about 6 or 7."

Invenergy | Chicago, IL

Frank Santiago - Operations Support Manager

"Have a problem? DigitalThinker has a solution! If the idea of a request entering a ticketing system and being shuffled around to the next available representative does not seem like your definition of a good time, you'll be glad to hear that DigitalThinker is not like most consultants. The team employed at DigitalThinker is well-rounded, with certain individuals' expertise in very specific areas, but not so much that any member can't handle a majority of our complex requests."

JX Nippon | Houston, TX

Alisha DeLozier - EAM Administrator

"DigitalThinker is the best at INFOR EAM. I like the fact that DigitalThinker is always there for us. They are an extension of our team. Everyone there is highly skilled, professional and friendly. If you are using EAM or any other INFOR Product, you owe it to yourself and your Company to give DigitalThinker a try. I have learned so much from them that I have greatly advanced in my position. They can do the same for you!"

YUPO | Chesapeake, VA

Tim Knight - IT Manager

"DigitalThinker is a great company. They were basically on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year for the entire project. The response times were excellent and the support was always top notch. They even covered our help desk for me when I went on vacation and continue to this day to monitor call center ticket requests looking for ways to help and improve the system. They're a great company to work with."

Philadelphia Gas Works | Philadelphia, PA

Luis R. Vega - Work Management System Manager

"DigitalThinker is a great company with top notch staff. I can't say enough about the knowledgeable and dedicated staff. They've been responsive and tremendously helpful. Stanton Bost did a great job for us. He listened to our concerns and provided practical solutions we could implement right away. I would highly recommend DigitalThinker. They're true professionals in their field and really care about finding solutions."

Prinsco | Willmar, MN

Kyle Sportel - Corporate Asset Manager

"DigitalThinker is a great company to work with. They will always answer their phones and emails no matter what. The customer service is outstanding. I like the fact that I can call in and talk to a real person. They had great ideas when we were implementing Infor EAM."

Canfor US | Mobile, AL

Alec Hogle - Procurement Manager

"I have been working with Digital Thinker for about a year. When I've needed help they have always been there with a quick response to an email or promptly answering a phone call with a resolution to my question. When my questions have been a bit complicated they have set up a "Go to Meeting" so they could visually walk me through the process. I have been extremely happy with the assistance they have given me."

American Zinc Recycling | Barnwell, SC

Tom Stidom - Maintenance Manager

"DigitalThinker employs personal, reliable, timely and up to date training tactics. My advice: Try something small to get acquainted with DigitalThinker. You will find out the quality of their work!"

Loxahatchee River District | West Palm Beach, Florida

David Sabin - GIS Tech

"DigitalThinker is a great company. Friendly staff and always solve my problems. In addition, they bring in the right people at the right time. They have met all of my needs"


Anonymous Project Team Member in Utilities

"DigitalThinker has great customer service with impressive industry knowledge! We have worked on several projects over the past 9 years with DigitalThinker focusing on the Infor EAM Asset Management System. Their response time and knowledge of product is what I liked best."


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